libopc with WebKit

I want to use libopc with webkit can you give me link of the source code that you have show in video of libopc and webKit Thanks

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Doesn't build on CentOS6

Any help would be appreciated: hornenj@c6dev1 ~/src/libopc $ CC=/usr/bin/CC CXX=/usr/bin/c++ ./configure --with-zlib=yes --with-zlib-ldflags="pkg-config zlib --libs" --with-libxml=yes --with-libxm...

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opcRelationGetType not defined

There is no definition for opcRelationGetType which is declared in opc/relation.h: /** Returns the relations type. The string is interned. Must not be freed. */ const xmlC...

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Clean up issues in 64-bit build of libopc

Using Visual Studio 2013 with a x64 Debug build of libopc I see a number of warnings. I've elided some of the path names for readability. I will investigate fixing these in my copy but I've never...

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opc_bool_t opcZipSegmentDelete always returns false

This does not necessarily cause problems if the return value is ignored, but can cause confusion. As a suggestion it could be set to true, being set to false if any of the asserted expressions eval...

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Incorrect rewrite of files which have been previously saved in "streaming mode"

I have a xlsx file created by Microsoft Office 2007. When unzipping it in libopc, the bit_flag of the stream segments has the third bit raised (bit_flag & 0x8). After I make any modifications to th...

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At unidentified conditions libopc fail with "Part /_rels/.rels does not exist.!\n" message

but unzip show "_rels/.rels" as archive member: $ unzip -v 210648_summary_0_avg.xlsx Archive: 210648_summary_0_avg.xlsx Length Method Size Cmpr Date Time CRC-32 Name 531 Defl:...

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Small bug in _opcZipFileRead and _opcZipFileWrite functions

Hi, by locking at you code in zip.c file I discovered a small bug in _opcZipFileRead and _opcZipFileWrite functions. They will never report OPC_ERROR_STREAM. The code how it should look is in attac...

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Create documentation for building with MinGW

There is no documentation for building with MinGW/GCC on Windows.   The file also does not support (as far as I could search) CodeBlocks or other project files.

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missing iOS build for build 0.0.2

the iOS video tutorial in the documentation section is using version 0.0.1 which is wrong as this version does not have mceTextReader_t data type.   please make a new build for iOS for version 0.0....

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