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Welcome to libOPC!

We are happy to announce the birth of the “libopc” open source library, which is a
  • ISO/IEC 29500 standard conformant,
  • cross-platform,
  • open source,
  • standard C99-based
implementation of Part II (OPC) and Part III (MCE) of the ISO/IEC 29500 specification (OOXML).

We released version 0.0.2. Learn what's new:

We have more videos in the "Documentation" tab which demonstrate how to e.g. include libopc in WebKit or build an iPhone app which uses libopc to display all changes in a Word document!

In the spirit of open source you are welcome to participate, review, test while the development of libopc evolves.

Here is our mission statement.

We hope to see you on “”. The easiest way to keep up-to-date is to follow the libopc project.

In case of questions, comments, etc. please start a public discussion.
In case of complaints please file an issue.

We would also like to thank Microsoft for sponsoring the initial development of libopc.

All the best,

The libOPC hackers!

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